Wednesday, November 14, 2007

5 Steps to Make Your Computer Startup Faster

In this article I’ll show you how to use MSCONFIG tool to make your computer startup faster. MSCONFIG or Microsoft System Configuration Utility is a tool designed to help you troubleshoot problems with your computer. You can edit your startup programs and access SYSTEM.INI, WIN.INI and BOOT.INI using this tool. Follow these steps to make your windows xp startup faster : )

1. Start -> Click Run

2. Enter msconfig and click ok

3. Click Startup tab

4. Uncheck program that you don't want to startup

You can disable programs that you don't want automatically load when you start your computer. By disabling these programs will help your computer startup faster.

5. Click Ok and restart
Now you should notice that your computer startup faster.

My Hot Tips to Make Your Computer Faster:

* Regularly check your startup folder to prevent malicious programs installed itself without your knowledge.

* Delete the temporary files from Temp folder (Start > Run > %temp% > delete all files).

* Upgrade your RAM to makes your computer boot faster : )

I hope this article can helps you to make your computer faster..

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Martin Sandbach said...

I made a screen capture video with point and click instructions for speeding up your PC using the msconfig tool.

Here is the link.